New collection 'Rubber Chains'

My work explores the idea of reversing the conventional definition between clothes and jewellery. I am interested in the idea that clothes are usually dominant and jewellery secondary, worn as an accessory to add decoration. My enquiry reverses this concept. To show this emphasis I create exaggerated form and variable wear-ability. I am inspired by architecture to create complicated and varied structures in each piece. I make my pieces large scale to attract people’s attention. I have chosen rubber gloves as my material, aiming to transform a mundane everyday item into beautiful and original objects. I have explored unique dyeing techniques on my material to bring a special colour result. My inspiration for colour scheme is from my observations and perception of the surrounding environment. I record images during my daily life to support my choice of colours for each individual piece. My aim is to create a unique aesthetic combining sculptural construction, dramatic colour and texture. My work is visually interesting and functions with clothes for everyday and occasion wear. To emphasise the flexible wear-ability of my work, I have produced some individual photos for each piece which show their versatility in shape and their suitability for both casual and formal wear.

Due to its versatility, I feel that my work’s appeal reaches further than the contemporary jewelery world, and would be well placed within the fashion market as well, broadening the number of potential collectors and buyers for my work.

Blue Necklace

Brown Necklace

Green Necklace

Grey/Yellow Necklace

Red Necklace